Cue, Asturias. Spain. La Ballota beach
Cue, Asturias. Spain. La Ballota beach
Barrika, Basque Country. Golden lighting produced by the putting Sun blurred by a slight haze.
Cliffs on Andrín's beach in Asturias, Spain
Alentejo's Portuguese coast
Portuguese coast
Lagos, Portuguese coast. Emerald water
Portuguese coast. The columns of Camilo's beach at dawn
Flysh on Zumaia beach. Basque Country
Santa Marina, Asturias, Spain. Gairua beach
Santa Marina, Asturias, Spain. Gairua beach
Cudillero, Asturias, Spain. Red clouds to the late afternoon
Frexulfe's beach on the western coast of Asturias. Spain
Storm in the horizon. Silence's beach, coast of Asturias. Spain 
Some place of the Asturias coast. Spain
The fisherman in the cliff. Spain
Flysh in Zambia's beach and blue sky. Basque Country, Spain
Rocky snakes. Beach of Barrika, Basque Country. Spain
Little before putting the Sun. Barrika, Basque Country. Spain
Reflections. Cantabria , Spain

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