28 October, 2016
There are other worlds... but they are in this one
This project was created to expose it in the shape of projection in MirartePhoto's exhibition 2013 in Guadalajara, Spain. The photographies of the universe are of the public library of NASA.
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08 August, 2016
infrared landscapes
Landscapes in Infrared it is an attempt of seeing with other eyes the nature. All the photographies are done by a filter of 720-715 nm placed in front of lens. All the photographies are processed by a personalized profile of camera in Lightroom. There are different ways of processing, from false color up to Black and White. This work was the origin of an interactive iBook for iPad published in the iBookStore of Apple named "Paisajes en infrarrojos" (Ooops, sorry only in Spanish)
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23 June, 2016
Tajinastes - Tower of Jewels
During three nights, 22 to 25 on May 2016, my friend David and I illuminated by a marvelous moon, were photographing Tajinastes in the National Park Las Cañadas del Teide in Tenerife Island. The red Tajinaste (Tower of Jewels) is an endemic plant of Tenerife. The inflorescence, erect of up to 3 meters of height, is replete with small red flowers during late spring to early summer.
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