(GRANTECAN) Great telescope of Canary and sea of clouds. La Palma, Canary Island. Spain
Sunflowers and the Pole Star. Guadalajara, Castilla la Mancha. Spain
The tree over the water. Ruidera's lagoons. Lagunas de Rudiera, Castilla la Mancha, Spain
Reflections in Santillana's reservoir. Manzanares el Real, Madrid. Spain
Mirror of the Moon. Las Tablas de Daimiel, Castilla la Mancha. Spain
Walking in the edge to the late afternoon. Manzanares el Real, Madrid. Spain
Sinuous reptiles of rock crawl towards the sea. Barrika, Basque Country. Spain
Cies Island, Atlantic Ocean. Vigo, Spain 
Ancient gold mines. Las Medulas, Ponferrada Leon. Spain
The desert of The Bardenas Reales. Navarra, Spain
Venus and Moon. End of the day in the Atlantic Ocean. Portuguese Coast 
Sierra de Urbasa, Navarra. Spain
Beech at night. Sierra de Urbasa, Spain
Reflection of the full moon. Punta do Castelo, Portugal
Gulpiyuri beach, Asturias, Spain. Interior beach, separated from the coast, communicates with the ocean across caves in the cliff
Waterfall of the river jeer. Pedrosa de Tobalina, Burgos. Spain
Waterfalls of the cistern. Guadalajara, Spain
Milky Way and tower. Guadalajara, Spain
Milky Way and tower. Guadalajara, Spain
Old chapel that was devoted to St Isidro. Horche, Guadalajara. Spain
Ciudad encantada, Cuenca. Spain
Ciudad encantada, Cuenca. Spain

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